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  1. Woow, that's pretty cool. Any reason you sleep like that? I do, but only because I work late at night.
  2. hehe, I sleep from 4pm to 0.58am. So is woke up 1 hours ago.
  3. Hehe, why do you stay up so late?
  4. hehe, and I am closer to you than Marika... just 6251 km. I think I will visit you.
  5. By the way, you are much closer to Marika than I. I'm 13000 km away, and you are 9000.
  6. Oh, coooool. What concert was it?
  7. Thanks
    I can't sleep. I was a concert last night. I woke up 3 pm. so now...I can't sleep.
  8. Of course, I wouldn't be able to talk right now, as I'm about to head off to work. What are you doing awake anyway?!
  9. Haha, it is
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