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  1. Thanx a lot Maxta
  2. Wszystkiego Najlepszego!!!
  3. Ahh that sux! Well I had a vacay, so Id go no prob Traveled like 600 km, but no regrets!!!
  4. I Like All Slovakian Offspring Fan! Great Stuff!
    I regret to not came to budzogan festival, cause work...
  5. Ha U do that n we gonna party with SK felas
  6. Here It's totally different style life but it's not good to live like 15 years ago (at the time seems like america), now with crisis it's difficult live like in poland...
    I always though to return to Poland
  7. Ahh that. N is it better than livin in Poland? Ive got an uncle in Napoli too
  8. I live here in Italy cuz my mother in '92 she was married an Italian man (not my father)
  9. Great joke btw Well Ure older than me n Ure even older fan that me, cuz I heard All I want in 98 so were kinda straight Why do live in Italy now?
  10. It's a joke! But I'm a huge fan and collectors...

    I'm 23 and I follow them from '97 Gone Away video
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