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  1. Oh lucky u!!!I'm ok no special news though..just passing by.Life's not been quite generous with me the latest months but i guess that's life & downs!What makes the difference is the way we face them I'm really glad u had a great time buddy

    How routinish[is there such a word?] is ur routine?:P
  2. Hey
    I'm fine. I was in Germany last week. I travel a lot. I saw bautiful lands, I saw Angels & Airwaves show, that was great!!!! Absolutely fantastic!!!! Now back home, back to routine....
    And You????
    Greets )
  3. knock knock!!!!long time no speak..wazzup?=)
  4. I Wish You A Happy And A Fantastic New Year!!!
  5. Merry Christmas Vanessa!
  6. Thank You So Much! I Wish You Spent A Merry Christmas!
  7. HEY!!!I'm finealmost ready for xmas!How about you?
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