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  1. Thank you so much!!! Marcin,now can se clear!!! about my future!!!!
    Really Thanks!!
    Besitos Tronados T.Q.M.
  2. Happy Birthday Paola!!!!
    All the best things for you what you have ever dream
    Take Care
  3. I have had flu again!!!! w/ feaver .
    Here in Mexico are not raining,im happy por you,beacuse you are ok and your family
  4. Hi Paola
    I'm just back from Poland today... The moonson rain didn't touched my areas... I'm good But in some areas the water destroy everything.... and you? How are you?
  5. Hey Maxter,How r u?? im still busy ,iīve heard about moonsoon rain in Poland,are you doing ok??
  6. Hey marcin im sorry for Poland,his president,i know that you love poland,im with you!!!
  7. Lol kisinski,you donīt remember me & i think in youwere did you go??
  8. how r u???
  9. Maxter how r u???
  10. hey maxter,how r u??
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