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  1. Hola mi querido Marcin cómo estas???
  2. Mmm and the coldness,tell me,here have so many problems!!!!,your family is ok??
  3. Hi Paola! I Wish You Happy New Year Too!!! I Wish You All The Best and realize your dreams!
    Poland is the lovest country, beautiful people, beuatiful places, fantastic beer, fantastic food, what else...
  4. Happy new year Marcin!!!! how r u???how's poland???
  5. Hola Maxter!!! mi mail are so bad
  6. im fine chiko jejjejejjee
  7. Hola Hola!!! Thanx for the pics!!! Awesome!!! Great Musician!!! >(

    And u? How are u?
  8. Hola chamaco how r u???? see this
  9. Helo maxter,como estas??do you cook today?
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