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  1. Okey, nice!

    Yes, this year I saw them live for my first time! I traveled with seven of my friends from Sweden to Germany just to see The Offspring, and it was so worth it! It was the show in Schlachthof, Wiesbaden. Awesome! I will definitly see them again!
  2. I listen them from 1997 when I saw Gone Away videoclip from MTV!
    I'm gone to Milan on 2 September to see them.. was amazing!!!
    Before I saw them in Febraury 2001 in Italy too
    And you? have you ever seen a Offspring show??
  3. Hello there

    Thank you!
    Since 99 when I just was a little kid And you? Been to any show this year?
  4. Hey Jessica!
    Welcome To This BBS
    How long time you listen the Offspring???

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