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  1. I will drive with you!!! And we will have fun!!!!
  2. Why not drive with us? Fun road trip!
  3. yeah, I agreed with all!!! Car will be more appropriative transport...
    Luckly, we have a lot of time!!!
    If do you need help to fine or buy tickets, don't hesitate and contct me!
  4. Haha well, we've been talking about getting a car since otherwise logistically it will be a nightmare, and we'd have to go back home or something. Not sure, but a car seems like the most logic method for us now. But we'll see! We have to find a place for us all to talk actually. See what the options are.
  5. Probably 90% i will go to Paris on 31th august to see them... and then back home on 1st september, and 2nd september maybe me, a friend of mine, and you, zee and ala from Venice we'll get a minibus and will go to Austria for the festival
    and then back to Italy to Bologne directly next day!
    I'm crazy I know!!!
  6. Definitely thinking about it!
  7. It is this tour you will come to see The Offspring in Italy????
  8. Thanks dude, same to you of course!
  9. I Wish You A Happy New Year!!
  10. Merry Christmas!
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