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  1. Dammit Randy! that message you sent me at 1pm, I only just got it now, at 5pm... which means it was a really long time ago, and you'll not be on anymore. dammit.
  2. Hehe I don't know why you're talking about Death note with Gustavo, but I saw the movie 3 months ago or something, and I got the dvd... maybe i'll bring it over if you're interested. ANyway, its really cool to use the internet from my new laptop... heh small screen but awesome keyboard... and no ants in it! great innit? lol didn't mean for that to be 2 things sounding the same but not the same; Anyway... I love you! and I hope to see you on here maybe after lunch. I gotta try out my webcam on you or something.
  3. Dammit Randy, you da best! I love you!
  4. hey! All my cousins are now here. And... something that can make you 100% more jealous than you might already be... Adam came up to my room last night with 4 cans of strongbow! lol I'd asked for some in an email and they didn't answer it but they did think about it so that's sooo cool! It won't last long, but I'll savour every drop of it! hehe
  5. Dammit meebo is going so slow I can't even go on. But I guess you'll be sleeping soon... If you're not already. Heh its funny to see myself with an MJ photo... I guess i'll manage to keep this till the end of the month. Did you notice that one of Elena's friends was called Maria Jackson? Lucky to have such a name! heh and on the pic on her profile she even looks like she could be a member of his
  6. What's the first two? Raptor? If its anything I heard when I was with you, I don't remember any of it. And if its songs of yours, yeah I guess Ive heard them.
  7. Those are actually the first two, you've already heard them.
  8. I'd like to listen to the mixtape too... Could you email me some of the songs or something? If rapetor is on it, I gotta at least hear him... and anybody I know...
  9. Oh dammit! Id completely forgotten about your concert on the 14th of july, too much "nothing" going on lately. or rather a lot of things going on with my bday, MJ's death, his memorial , the sims etc... that I had forgotten about the offy concert. That I'm glad you've not been reminding me about cause I don't wanna go all jealous on you...
  10. Heh, by the way, you can refer to me as Randy if you want. At least 10% of the people here know me now.
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