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  1. Come see me on meebo as soon as you get back online!!
  2. It snowed all day yesterday, and the snow settled. Late last night the electricity went off, and my dad and I went for a little walk to take pics. I'll send you the snowy pics later on. I guess my dad might want to be going online soon so if you don't come on soon, I might come back at 2 or 3... but I'm here now
  3. Hey I'm online for a bit, what about you?
  4. I forgot to say I received my dissertation yesterday, all corrected and all (got 61 : 65 for the translation, 63 for intro and strategy, 64 for the bibliography and notes) so will be getting my degree soon. pretty cool
  5. Hey! It's snowing here in south of france! I don't know if I'll be able to get you online today, just send me a message when you're on (giving me the french time, so that I know when it was) and I might try and catch you! I love you!
  6. hey! I'm online! are you still there? I'll wait for you about 30 mins, I'm leaving at 12!! cause I need to take a bus at 1.30...
  7. Hey cutie! I might not see you today, although I might come back for a little at 11... I'm going hooome today, this afternoon! cause I couldn't be bothered to wait till tomorrow. I miss so much playing darts that I even dreamt of playing darts with you! I'm tempted to try and get Necro to play with me (he's the only one on) but I guess he's too busy... lol
  8. It really didn't take me long, I'm done with my work for today, Im just going to the w... and then i'm available again.
  9. oooh and you know that Ixnay Pin I gave you from London? Well you must have lost one, cause I found one in my grey bag, just two days ago! crazy it's been there all this time since Nottingham, and and I have no idea how it got there!!
  10. Okay this time I'm here and plan on staying for a while (dammit I forgot my sandwhich...) might have to go get that at lunch time or thereabouts then.
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