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  1. Hahahaha, that's awesome! Wish I could have seen that. Seems your mom really likes to dance. Did they block out the "Dance, fucker, dance"?
  2. I was working up at the house this morning, and I put on Fun Radio and I heard the guy say they were gonna put offspring on. I didn't believe it till it was on, and it was gonna go far kid, and my mum was dancing away on it! lol she liked it. Anyway it was about time I heard the offys on the radio and specially the new album. it got me all excited! lol
  3. Hey Babe. And da moneyz!
  4. I've had "that" song in my head all weekend. It's awesome! My mum thought the end part was "psychedelic" which is a good thing for her.
  5. Hey Babe. Just to say that Im home now and can come on even though it's a sunday. So you could message me whenever you're available to talk! I made 35 euros before it started raining too much, and we were back by 9am.
  6. Dammit! I had just fallen asleep when you messaged me....where's the pic? Heh, don't bother answering, I'm sure I'll find it before you tell me.
  7. Hey Babe. I'm waiting for you to tell me what you think of my pic... can you message/text me about it? not very interesting but I'd still like your opinion.
  8. Randy there was one of those huge storms this afternoon again, it's crazy, its been going on every evening since saturday... I'm still waiting for that info from you and an answer...
  9. Well I did come on msn each time as well but you weren't there either. Anyway this morning's our chance to talk on msn. My parents are both at work and I guess I'm gonna try out the visa thing online (which still seems that I have to pay for... maybe the 14$ is for getting the appointment)... I dunno, anyway tell me when you're around.
  10. Sorry I missed this! I thought you would be on msn if you came. Most the time, I don't catch my phone...
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