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  1. Fine, you're excused... this time! Where have you been all day? since yesterday afternoon nobody answers the phone!
  2. Okay, sorry!
  3. Umm I kinda don't like people calling you baby and you calling people future wife... After nearly a year without seeing you, I'm gonna start getting a bit crazy/jealous/mad about those things, although I know it's nothing serious.
  4. I have an awesome poem from that poet from lewes that I was gonna try and translate. Interested to read it? I'll have to copy it so it might not be right now. But it's pretty amazing...
  5. Hey Randy I saw that you had just posted a message. Are you still there? I'm trying to get back on meebo but the internet has gone even slower now and its driving me crazy!
  6. Hey Babe. Are you around? I'm sick so a bit of cheering up would be sweet...
  7. Screw it, cause now the internet is going slow again! lol And I'm trying to get on meebo, I'm there soon I guess but I don't know if that's where you wanted me to go? I'm on facebook too.
  8. Yep, I'm here, but this is usually the time I get kicked off. Try your luck...
  9. Lol Ok. so more than an hour later. Are you still there?
  10. Yo, yo. Get on MSN, yo.
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