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  1. Hey man. Same to U twin. Sorry for being that late. Hope U had a great time
  3. ehh dont know, what to tell, cuz I dont know for how long was gone My bro got b-day today, but we celebrated it yesterday. Had like 15 beers, but Im alright. My bros not. Puking all day
  4. Hehe, cool. Hope you had a great time, whatever you did. There's not much news with me. Same ol' boring stuff. How about you?
  5. Yeah right. Man whazzup U know me perfectly Any news. Stuff Id know?
  6. 'zup, twin! I see that you're posting a lot. I guess that means you've been away for a while?
  7. Hey, twin. How's it going, bro?
  8. Yeah Ure right. Love to celebrate it with famz n friendz n booze Will just turn 22 Glad to meet U through it too!
  9. Yeeeeah, d00d! I'm glad we're birthday twins, man. It caused me to meet a cool dude.

    Heh, to be honest, I'm not ready to be 24, but birthdays are always awesome.
  10. Hey Randy In two months, were gonna be older
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