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  1. Hehe, I'm down with that! We might do a North-to-South-American tour from Winnipeg, MB to Fayetteville to Brazil
  2. Hey, you need to get your band's ass down to crappy-ass Fayettevile. As lame as it is, I bet they'd appreciate what you guys have to offer a lot. Then we should do a world tour with The Redestructed and Sustain...and Metallica (opening for us, of course). Yeah, let's do that!

    Haha, anyway. Back to reality...
  3. I've bought mine in September, I think. I use the Crystal preset very often, too. I also like #8 (plexi-something?) and a few others that I can't look up right now since my rp-255 is at our temporary rehearsal place right now.
    Another one I like is the one you can hear in the beginning of one of my songs, though. I don't know the name but it is the intro of the song "Keep It Up".
  4. Oh yeah, dude. I wasn't too worried about it once I remembered that I'd seen those backup ones. Thanks. Have you found any other good presets? I like the Meddle, Punkz, and I think it's called Crystal. And when did you get yours? I didn't even know you had one until the other day.
  5. I think you still have the backup presets on the rp-255, don't you? Like preset 1-60 just equals 61-120?
  6. Hey man. Sounds perfect! And about the rectified preset, I just saved over it with one of my own. :| I could probably get it back, though. I really hope my guitar doesn't suck because when I tried that preset it didn't sound good with mine.
  7. Alright, since Megaupload is treating me like it treated you I uploaded the new drum track to zshare.

    Is it ok like this?
  8. Hehe, I always do that. Thanks a lot. I suppose whenever Megaupload wants to cooperate, I'll download it. Right now it says "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable."
  9. Well of course I forgot to paste the link into the pm
    Since I don't want to spam your pm box I'll just post it here:
  10. Hey, man. Btw, I mean for the whole message that I PM'd you to be quoted. I'm not sure if I made that clear.
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