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  1. Thanks!!!!!
  2. Holy crap! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I almost missed it.
  3. Wooow, this is amazing. I had no idea. Well, have a good time!
  4. my Christmas holiday starts on tuesday..and lasts for 3 weeks...cause our christmas in serbia is on 7th january....NO SCHOOL for 3 weeks! yaay!!! xD
  5. Booo! Well, it's good that you made some time to goof off on the bbs. Err, I'm not doing much. Practicing guitar and being tired from the long holiday weekend. How was yours?
  6. well.....since the RAFRAG came out I went back to school....working hard and those crap...what's up..?
  7. Heeeey, there. Haven't seen you around in a while :P
  8. yeah!!!!!! can't actually wait.....
  9. Hiya. Just wanted to try out this new message thing. Sooo, ready for the new Offy album?!!
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