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  1. Ooooooh, get you, sir!
    I wanna see a photoooooo!
  2. Heeeeey. I bought an acoustic guitar! Hehe. It's a Fender Starcaster. What's up with you?
  3. No worries. I went and had a shower anyway
    You gonna be on MSN tonight? Need to ask your opinion on something...
  4. Hey, sorry I just kinda went away, haha. I meant to tell you I was going to bed. But I'm back now!
  5. Hey. Gimme a shout when you're online again. I have something to send to you
  6. Haha, yeah, I'm clueless! I should have paid attention when Chris was installing it the first time. Doh!
    Sooo, when are we going to get started on this cover. We've been trying to do this collab for way too long, lol
  7. Daaamn, I forgot that that was the problem you were having. I'd say reinstall it if you can...which I think I remember you saying that you had no idea how to do it, so never mind. lol. Is there something like "refresh effects list" under the drop box that deals with plugins? Unfortunately, I don't use Cubase as much as Audition, so I can't be of as much help as I'd like to.
  8. Hehe, I wasn't trying to annoy you, but I figured it might have done anyway If EZ drummer hadn't packed in on my computer I'd do it myself, but I have no idea when my friend will get the time to fix it for me Unless you have any idea how to get Cubase to recognise it again?
  9. Haha, I feel your struggle with that. My window is always open, too, but in a few more weeks, that will be futile. It gets HOTTTTTT in here during the summer.

    Erm, unfortunately, there hasn't been a development in anything lately. :S And that smiley you did seems to suggest that you were trying to annoy me. Well, didn't work, SO THERE!
  10. Hehe, my window is open 24/7, and I only have one Think a nice long cold shower will help, when I can be arsed to get up to have one, that is.
    Ooh, any development on the drums for WHTY? at all? Sorry, I know I'm being a pain, hehe.
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