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  1. Heeeey, my man! It's hanging pretty high. Still making music and just having fun. What's new with you?
  2. Hey Randy. How's it hanging, you old dog?
  3. Hehe, no problem d00d. I try to remember the coolest people.

    I hope your guitar playing is going great. Haven't heard about that in a while.
  4. Hola bro'ha, how's it going? Thank you so much for the birthday message - didn't see it before now. Cool! Nice to see that someone remembered/bothered to post, since I'm not the most active user here anymore!
  5. Happy birthday!!
  6. Haha, thank you Randy!
  7. DUDE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You da man.
  8. lol, hey. You probably wanted to say "stylies" without the '. It can get tricky, and a lot of English-speaking people don't fully get it. Heh, I don't. Most people would say Chris' room, but I would say Chris's. I think that's right :P
  9. Heeheheh! Njah, I didn't really know, but just thought you forgot to reply.

    Well thanks! Gonna try to be active here every day again now. You know, when I first created my account, I was here ALL the time (so was you, I suppose?), and I guess I was that all the way 'til Christmas. But it shouldn't be any problem to just check every day. It's just that schools takes a lot of energy, and it's not always something new about The Offspring, you know. ^^

    School starts again now Monday. It's a one-weeks vacation. Do you guys have any vacation now? ...btw, you study or work?

    Well, the solo isn't that tough, I guess? As said, I haven't been active around here for a time now, so I haven't learned it properly. But after seeing that no one else has recorded it, I'm totally in for it again! I just learned about half of it when I was doing the guitars for YGGFK, but then Christmas came and stuff, heheh. Gonna look on the solo again now and see if I can learn the whole today. You got some correct tabs, btw? Well I got some, and think I'll be able to learn it today, then record tomorrow.

    Ah, starting a band, sounds cool! But aren't you a singer in a punk rock band already? I looked on the myspace page, sounds really cool! Was one song there I really, really liked! Other than that, I love the "Oh Ellie" dong (wrote wrong, but it seems funny xD) of yours. that's a pretty good one, good work. Would be cool to start an own band, but it's to early for me yet. Think I need more ideas and experience. Just been playing for...damn, almost a year now with my electric guitar? Time goes fast. Though, been playing acoustic a little bit longer, but not "properly" (if that's the right word to use) playing. So I'm happy to just play around here for myself.

    Okeydokey, gonna check that thread. And wow, I wrote a lot now, huh?
  10. Hahaha, hey man! I was thinking that I better not forget to reply, because you think I was retaliating.

    Haha, anyway, I'm glad to have you back, even if for a short while. When does school start back? Can't wait to hear what's up with the solo. It's pretty tough. Nothing much with me. I'm think I am in the process of starting an actual band, though. Met a guitarist and drummer yesterday, cool people. If you have the time, you should check out my thread in Your Band "The Artists Formerly Known as First in Flight". I've been doing a bit of stuff on my own lately.
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