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  1. Now you're gonna put a late answer on me, huh? ;p Sorry for that...
  2. Randy, heeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

    Sorry for late answer, but damn, I haven't been here on the boards for a while now. Just checking it sometimes. Gah, you know, school and stuff takes a lot of energy... "/

    Except for that, everythings going fine. Got a video I should have edited, but much work. Also, must record the YGGFK solo. Btw, it's vacation now (had it since Monday)! ...but soon over, damn.

    Anyways, how's it going with you?
  3. Stylieeee! Hey man, haven't spoken to you in a while. What's new?
  4. Ahh, I'd seen someone use the line from that Ida Maria song, but I hadn't heard it until I went to her myspace.

    Hehe, so yeah. Behringer guitars are crap (heh, I think I was the one who told you), and their amps and stuff are still getting better, but not quite there yet. If you're ever in need of a speaker cab, though, those are supposed to be GREAT and cheap, as well as their mixers. Anyway, I'm still looking at three amps: this, this, and of course the Valvetronix.

    Yep, I went to work at 10pm last night. It'll be 11:30pm tonight. I drive trucks for a newspaper company. Easiest job ever, and I get to listen to Offspring at work! What did you do to get money for your guitar/amp last time?
  5. Okey... don't have any experience with that. Just heard that Behringer guitars is crap, so I think I'm never gonna buy anything of Behringer, heh.

    Job that late? what do you do?
  6. Right now I have the Behringer V-Ampire LX112. It's okay, but it can sound a bit too digital with the distorted sounds.

    (Hehe, you know what? I have to go to work RIGHT now, so expect the rest of my answer some time tomorrow! )
  7. Aha, I understand. After a quick search, I found her Myspace-site. Indie/rock/punk.
    And by that, I saw one video, and I've actually seen that one on TV. "I like you so much better when you're naked". weird song.

    What amp do you have now? And yep, of course I'm satisfied with my amp, heheh.
    It's really great. The Model I have is 30W, but you can also get 50 and 100W (and 15W). Check out Vox if they have that in your music store. ^^
  8. Ahh, I see. Now that I'm more familiar, I think she's Norwegian, but now lives in the US. And you're right, she's definitely not big. Anyway, I like her!

    Everything's going fine for me. Not much is new, although I feel I'm closer to getting a new amp. And I've decided not to get a head+cab, but to get a combo amp, such as what you have (but bigger). You still enjoying yours? I know you are.

    Hehe, and I think I've been called randomman before. I can't remember where, though. Ha.
  9. Yo rand(om)man!

    Sorry for late answer, ehm... Well! Singer Ida Marie? Nope, never heard of here. shee's probably not so big then. btw, how's it going with you? =)
  10. What's up? I was just looking through SPIN magazine and I checked out a Norwegian singer named Ida Maria. You ever heard of her? She's supposed to be "punk," but I think she's far from it. But I do kinda like it, though.
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