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  1. Yep, I think Randy is a variation of a standard English name. Randall, or Randolph, shortened to Randy. And Xaviere (with an "e" at the end) is a pretty good company. It's like the Nitro Records of the guitar makers. Not very well known, but great quality stuff. And looking forward to your Myspace add!
  2. Heheh, no, it's not hard to pronounce. Not hard at all. But maybe for you guys that don't have æ, ø and å in the alphabet. Randy is a standard english name, right? Got a cool catch. ^^

    Xavier, huh? Don't think I've heard about it, but probably good, heheh.
    I've created a MySpace account now too, I'll add you soon. =)
  3. Nice. Cool name, and probably hard to pronounce. So yeah, I'm loving my guitar. The neck is thicker than my last one, and probably a lot thicker than an Ibanez, but that's the only bad thing. I'll probably get another one soon (different model, same brand).
  4. Yeah, hey! Been busy the last time now, that's why I've forgot to answer your last post.

    Oh, I think I just misunderstood you then, but I understand now. "I think maybe I should have got an electric soon after I started with my "hard-to-play" acoustic"

    So, is the new guitar nice? Cool blue-color, I like it.
    Well, if you see in my signature, it says "Ståle". That's my real name. Norwegian name.
  5. Stylie! Hey, man. Just thought I'd check up on you again. How's it going? By the way, what's your real name (even though I'd still probably call you Stylie). Mine is Randy.
  6. Heh, I definitely have an electric guitar. Been playing for about two years now. In fact, just bought a new one. I just wish I hadn't waited 3 years to buy one. Be sure to add me, when you do create one
  7. Heh, thanks. Well, it's really fun to have and play an electric guitar. You really should buy one if you're playing acustic a lot!

    Well, I think I maybe create a Myspace account now. Seems fun. ^^
  8. Hey, dude. That clip was good! I think maybe I should have got an electric soon after I started with my "hard-to-play" acoustic, and maybe I wouldn't have been discouraged most of the time. Hehe, you play that one part about as well as I do.

    I had forgotten that I put my myspace up there. Glad to see the link works.
  9. Uhm, I ment "Contact Info", not "About Me".

    As said, it's just a little clip as you asked for, so it's not perfect or anything. :P
    And the riff at the end - well, you hear a bit echo from the song, so it might sound a bit weird.
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