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  1. Oh i see!Like getting so stressed to sleep the exact time you have to that finally you can't sleep at all,right?:P
  2. Oh, it's my own fault. I typically go to bed at a different time every day, so when I have to sleep at a specific time, I'm usually just lying there awake.
  3. Oh why's that?
  4. Lol, it was 6:45 am. Anyway, I'm back up because I am not sleeping very well lately.
  5. I'm ok :P Hey let's talk when u wake up!Long time no speak

    ..Isn't it almost 5 a.m there?lol
  6. Hey, sorry if I missed you. I just saw your message. I'm going to bed. lolz

    How are YOU?
  7. pssst wazzup?
  8. Congratzzzz for getting married buddyyyyyy WOW i wish u to have little Randies soon ive no super news lol im just making a try to make things better lately :-)
    wow where r u playing shows? will u come to Greece too?lol
  9. Hehe, sorry for the late reply. I was away for a few days. But yeah, I understand what you mean about having some "me time". It's important sometimes. Hmm, any super news? Well, I'm sure you're aware that I got married, and also I finally started playing shows with my band so I'm happy about that. How about you?
  10. yeah Mister i missed u all here too but sometimes ppl need to stay alone for a while so they can face some situations in life and then they feel strong again back any super news?
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