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  1. I'm currently working my ass off at a furniture department so I can pay for a media-related high school I will be going to next year. When I'm not working I'm either sleeping or working on my EP with my friend. We still ahven't found a drummer or bass-player. Even though we've had talks with several drummers, they always seem to bail out at the last moment. Not that we need any right now, we are perfectly able to write songs and demo them. It's just when we want to record them for real, you know... drummers are kinda important.
  2. Hahah. Yep, gotcha again! Thanks a lot, doooope man. The hilarious thing is, the magistrate office is in the same building as the jailhouse (I guess for easy access...unless you're not a criminal), so they didn't allow cameras in there. I guess we'll have to do some sort of reenactment at some point to appease you. What's new with you, btw?
  3. Goddamnit Randy, you are smooth as fuck!

    Congrats on the wedding. Remember, pix or it didn't happen!
  4. Randy! I felt like it's been ages since you were last online, but then I realized you're always in stealth mode, you sneaky bastard, you!

    How are things going?

    You should check out my thread in the your band section. I demoed a song recently. Me and my friend have been trying to get this band going, but it's kind of hard to find other members that can be committed. We've had four different drummers already, and we haven't even started yet!
  5. Time is what I have most of.
  6. Yooo, forgot to mention that I'm about to go to a partay, but I'll get back to you asap about the lyrics.
  7. Haha, those moments happen to the bulk of us.
  8. You have no idea how long it took me to figure out who OSM21 was. Way too long!
  9. I'm sure there are plenty of other Selleck pictures you could choose. Btw, check out my thread in the your band section. I have new stuff up.
  10. Oh, right. Heh, I forgot about that. I'm tempted to participate, but you've already got the 'stache to end all 'staches. Though I could copy you like OSM21 did.
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