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  1. oh,yeah,i will check it when iīm on my dadīs computer,cus i canīt open myspace at mine (itīs not the only site,i canīt open youtube either,dammit ),no,iīm not,i used t be on a band covering zebrahead songs,but iīm starting one
  2. Awesome. More people have heard of the brand than I thought. I think you can only buy them online, though. I want an electroacoustic, too! Haha, you ran out of money...I'm not surprised

    Err, I'm not quite in a band (trying to start one now), but I do have music online. Check this out some time. Are you in one?
  3. yeah,iīve seen them,i saw also a tele thiline on a rad color,too bad i havenīt seen them in méxico,right now i wanna ge an electracoustic one,but i ran out of money .
    are you on a band?
  4. Yep, yep! They make strat, tele, Les Paul, and epi dot look-alikes.
  5. really?i started liking teles because of a great guitarist (graham coxon),oh,i thinnk i know those xaviere guitars,they also make some stratocaster looking guitars,right?
  6. Hehe, that's cool. I used to hate teles for a very stupid reason (because Avril Lavigne plays one), but now I've quite gotten used to them and like 'em. I may get one in the future. Glad you like my guitar. It's Xaviere, a really awesome brand, and very inexpensive because they make and sell them themselves.
  7. jaja,hii like more my les paul,my sg is kind of whack,but favorite is my new tele,it looks rad!i just saw your lespaul looking guitar on your pics,itīs nice,what model is it?
  8. What's up, Man of a Million Guitars? I can tell you're quite fond of your SG and LP, but which one do you like most besides that?
  9. thanx,sure,we gottaget busy
  10. Wow, man that's awesome! I'll discuss it further later. Right now I have to work
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