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    Yeah. I really like that shirt. It reminds me of those toxic looking poptarts that came out in the late 90s. I want it.
  2. HA! I just saw one of your posts, and I can't believe there's someone else who loves that purple Can't Repeat shirt! I love it! I've been on a quest to find it for a while. Unfruitful. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a YGGF,K video to watch.
  3. Awww, well here's hoping that you get energy from somewhere. For me, sleeplessness is top 3 in the most miserable feelings ever.
  4. yeah. on the bright side, tonight there were all of the people who actually work so we got out half an hour earlier than normal and actually finished it. Usually there is a lot left to do but none of the managers want to stay past midnight. Now, i get to write a lab report. Looks like i don't get to sleep tonight.
  5. Ahh, yeah that would suck. It seems to be like that no matter where ya go, though...
  6. uhh... not really... the only reason it would be is because of me and 1 or two others... no one else does a thing around there. its a BIG store at that..
  7. Wowie. That is sort of a silver lining. I didn't like working retail when I did, but then again your store is probably much more nicely kept than mine was.
  8. meh... not really... the only nice thing is that they are giving me full time. the money is nice
  9. Hehe, 2nd shift is what I don't think I could do. But, yeah, I took the job because I liked being up all night. Now it's kinda old because it throws my eating off. Breakfast = 10:00 sometimes :S

    Oh, are you enjoying your job?
  10. yikes! i don't think i could do that. I like to sleep at night. I prefer working 2nd shift myself
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