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  1. I lol'd! It's more that I haven't gone to be yet. I work on average from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am. Newspapers and such.
  2. why do you get up so incredibly early in the morning?
  3. Haha! I read the story in the thread. Sounds like a blast! Hate I missed it.

    They hinted at more NC shows too. Dexter was like "Man, we never come to NC. This is a great crowd. We should come here more often"

    AMAZING! I was front and center. Right up at the gate! it was the craziest place to be. We nearly got crushed by the onslaught of moshers behind us. Eventually we just had to bail and so we got the bouncers to pull us out to safety. It was totally AWESOME!
  5. Soooo, how was it?!
  6. well, StaticMartyr did OC Life and he wants me to sing it for him.

    I may be starting on Nothingtown.
  7. its hard to keep it straight...

    I personally am working on A Lot Like Me and OC Life

    Hammerhead is still missing a drum track, but its nearly complete. Ryder and I started on Dirty Magic and Genocide, but those have been set off to the side for now while we work on RAFRAG stuff.
  8. Thankies for the friend add! So what covers are you guys working on?
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