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  1. Haha, nice. That makes two of us. I love how the phrase just naturally became what it is.

    BTW, I just got your user title. I dummiez
  2. geeze... every time I notice your user title, it still makes me lol.
  3. I got started on loveline when I got this job 3rd shift. When I'm driving to work is when 100.3 (Winston-Salem/High Point rock station) plays the episodes from the day before at 10pm.

    Its extreme conservatives that don't quite grasp that concept.
  4. Haha, cool. Used to watch Loveline when it was on Mtv, but was too young to know what was going on. I only recently started listening to the radio show, when Dex was on. Now I download every show. Dr. Drew must be in the Motherland, Russia lately. I have a huge crush on his brain, but he definitely can be impatient with some of these young knuckleheads. And yeah, abstinence-only is friggin' dangerous. How can anybody not see that?
  5. haha yeah. I enjoy it, except that Dr. Drew can be such an ass at times. He seems to have forgotten how ignorant most of the youth is about stuff today, especially with all of them going through abstinence only education. I think I just barely missed that train in my area. They've been doing the "Best of Loveline" thing since Dr. Drew is on vacation so I heard part of the Dexter interview the other day. I missed it when it first aired.
  6. Heh, so you listen to Loveline, too, eh?
  7. lolol! Don't forget that there was a presale Randy. Did you miss that? It was only like a day ahead of sales opening. I'm in row four but I'm waaay to the right side. I'm gonna try to move closer if the opportunity presents itself.
  8. Hehe, I'm actually in row three, which is pretty decent...but in light of what you just told me...I bought the ticket at 9:06 (or whatever, six minutes after they became available), yet all of those seats were gone by then. Hell, I thought the whole thing would be sold out at that rate.
  9. lolol!

    yeah. all the seats in 102 up until the 11th row or so are sold out. I'm pretty close to the front though. its crazy that not many of the tickets have sold. more offspring for me i suppose.
  10. Heh, it's so weird seeing you online at this time.

    Bah! You're in 101, which is the very right section, and I'm in 102, which would be the center. :S
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