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  1. randy what section are you in for the show? I think i'm in 101 but not sure. I'll have to look at my ticket when i get home.
  2. Yeah, 4real. I got progressively sad as I clicked through the various confirmation pages. Good call on making the drive.
  3. live nation is worse than ticketmaster! that's what i got too and i just wanted to be sure. I may make a trip down there to buy tickets from the venue. there is no reason for it to go from $36 to $52. I was gonna take my sister so the drive would be cheaper than buying both online.
  4. Eyo. It was like 50-somethin'. Guess I could check...52 smackers.
  5. how much did you pay for your offspring ticket?
  6. awesome! and yeah definitely.
  7. Heyhey! Finally making some progress on Unwanted. Just wondering, do you want that little break between the intro and the first verse to stay there?
  8. yes yes. we shain't even call it by name now. its just "that place"
  9. Hahahahaha, that is one sweet ass deal. I hate mowing grass, but for 30 bucks and an Arch Deluxe, I'm up for most things.

    Wonderful news. Good luck with that. I foresee a totally different atmosphere than that other place.
  10. lolol! cat called me yesterday to say that her boss said she would call me monday. it made my day.

    and as a bonus, my mom paid me $30 to mow her yard. It only took an hour and a half annnnd she bought me a cheeseburger.
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