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  1. Ah it's great to hear ! My boyfriend and I decided to move in together... Big step... unfortunately it's really hard to get a place in Paris... so it's gonna take a while...

    I'm still in the same job and it's getting more comfortable. I really like what I do.

    Mark Hamill is amazing... he spent 30 mn answering questions and he does voices. Really funny guy. I wasn't really a fan but now I think that guy is great.
  2. Ahh, I see. Give him a big hello from me when you see him! And Mark Hamil, although I only really liked the first Star Wars movie.

    Glad to hear that everything is great! I don't think I've spoken to you in a while, so do you still have that same job as earlier in the year? As for me, married life is EXCELLENT, which is something 2005 Randy would have never thought he'd say. We've still got a ways to go before I'm satisfied with our overall situation, but it's so cool so far.
  3. Hey ! I haven't met the Tetris guy yet, it's for this summer, at his great niece wedding

    But I already have my game boy tetris game ready.

    I'm really fine ! everything's going great ! and what about you ? How is married life ?
  4. Sooo...didn't you just meet the guy who created Tetris a while ago? And know you're meeting Luke Skywalker?! Leave some of that awesomeness and wonder for the rest of us!

    By the way, how are you?
  5. Wedding in jail ?? so cool I didn't see the vids but I listened to Analogy, even posted it on my facebook, it's pretty good

    My career... well, I started my new job last monday. In a law firm that does labor law mainly... I'm pretty happy abut it but it is intimidating. I have to prove myself now
  6. Hey, you! Haven't talk to you in a while. Erm, wedding pics. They didn't happen. It took place in a building that also has a jail in it, so we couldn't have cameras. I thought it was funny. Other than that, we just got back from my band playing a mini-show. I was pretty nervous but it turned out okay. People loved us. The videos will probably be up tomorrow.

    Aaaand, how about you? I'm still very interested in your career for some reason, hehe. Also, any other pertinent details about other subjects are welcome.
  7. Hellooooooo,

    How are you ? what's new, besides the wedding ? where are the pictures ? did I miss them ? Anyway, congratulations again ! You guys are among my 2 favorite people on that BBS.
  8. Not so good for now. I'm looking for a firm. If only it was like in the movie... you know... when Tom Cruise doesn't even finish law school and he already has his contract... The thing is I'm taking my time because I don't want to do something I hate...
    Anyway, what about you ?
  9. Hey!! Thanks a lot. How's attorney life?
  10. Happy Birthday Randy ! Have a very very nice day
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