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  1. Me, too. The Offspring is like the only band I get overprotective of, hehe. It's okay to be critical, but some people take it too far.
  2. Yeah, they try to put a bad name on the Offspring.
    I hate people like that.
  3. Ahhhh, okay! So no one can say that the Offspring ripped it off, as they often try to do!
  4. It either just came out, or is coming out this year.
    Its new, this year is when it is to be released!

    September 29, 2009 is when it is to come out
  5. Holy crap it does! How old is this album? :S
  6. Yeah, hey, check out this album, looks a lot like RAFRAG to me!
  7. lol, oh yeah. I forgot the album is that digipak crap. But yeah, tape should work.
  8. Haha, print it out and tape it to the front? XD Sure. XD
  9. Hehe, yeah. Do that!
  10. Haha, thanks! I feel honored! XD I used Photoshop. You know... I might just make that my cover of my copy of RAFRAG! XD
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