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  1. Randy, your the best in the wild wild west lol muchas gracias amigo and have an awesome time @ work
  2. 'Sup, girlie? Just about to go to work, but I thought I'd say heyo before I go.
  3. hehe, then dats hella rad. your fucking awesome and shit. well, so do i fancy role plays...

    haha, i don't know nor not so sure about chatting because no msn no yahoo or nothing...
  4. Haha, I'm the same way. I've never been that good at games, but I like 'em. Especially role playing games.

    Heh, I just wanted to know so I could chat with ya some time. :P
  5. good times wow, you play video games? me too but eventhough i suck at em all and yet i still play and shit LOL fuck it and nope i do not have MSN................why???!!!
  6. Hehe, me just chillen, too. Trying to find a game to play. Do you happen to have MSN?
  7. whatcha doin'? BTW!!! as 4 me chillen XD
  8. okkie dookie now plz sent it 2 me.
  9. dang, yers too, eh? yikes! ummmm.....lemme clear some up and stuff. hold on okkie dookie
  10. Haha, mine's about full, too. I need to clear it again. Want me to send it again, or just talk here?
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