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  1. ooo, nevermind, next time I wanna meet them AGAIN! And again and again
  2. Nope. Unfortunately, only once. I had a good chance the second time, but Dex and Noodles had to leave.
  3. exactly. How many time you met them? More than once, right?
  4. There's just no pleasing you, eh?! But I guess you have a good excuse to be bored all the time. When you've met the Offspring, regular life just isn't the same anymore.
  5. hi, I'm back home from UK and I'm a little bit bored now. How are you?
  6. Hey! I'm just checking up on you. How's it going?
  7. WOW, I didn't realize you'd been over here before. Next time you do, I'll show ya around if you're close enough. See ya!
  8. nice! I've been to east coast, but not in NC. So I'm going now and leaving UK for you to enjoy
  9. I live in North Carolina. The city that I live in (Fayetteville) sucks, but there are awesome places in NC. Tons of beaches, big cities, mountains, etc. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a plane to catch...:P
  10. hot is good And yeah, we can swap! Deal? But Isle of Wight is boring. Where do you live?
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