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  1. HA! I dunno, I just read it in teh Picture Thread dat Tijs posted loads of Interesting Articles and other stuff. Teh things Dexter says and or the other guys deir funny & priceless. Good Times.
  2. i didn't know dexter likes to play with dolls.
  3. Yes. This.
    I 100% agreed indeed but I grew up on listening to varieties though.

    you kno what, the weather changes deir weird because it gets hot
    and then cold. today watching the fox11 news teh 4cast thingy its
    gonna turned out to be hotter. :| (sorry, i made a mistake on my othe
    previous post)

    but yeah, i will end up getting sick somewhere by oct/nov and dec.....
    i dunno, i just have dat gut feeling. yep, gimme some of dat juice lol
    vitamines C & D.
  4. That's right my Randy man... Do you fancy Oldies? I know I do! =)

    You know that guy on t.v. is a total asshole! LOL (I hate the news, period.)
    I predict winds and storms and rain....I'm a dork...

    Sure, you know it! Mi cafe is su cafe (In Spanish). I predict I will eventually get sick.
  5. Hey, handsome.
    Good to hear and stuff.
    Music your a fan of varieties, eh?

    I do look like a dollface.
    Well, I'm here at home zipping on hot coffee
    because it is so cold here in socal.
  6. hay deir whatcha doin' and stuff.
  7. muchas gracias. *hugs&kisses*
  8. i gotta get going my bed's waiting for me l.o.l cya and take care sweet dreams goodnite
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