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  1. ya its always technical shit. i got sound coming out speaker wen i plug it into the headphone slot. wen i plug it into analog out nothing. and analog outs is to be used for speakers. i emaild some1 at line 6 cuz something is not set right. i get more volume running it from my old amp than the toneport. as far as sound it produces im satisfied.

    with all that shit with best buy they gave a choice of 3 laptops and i pickd a dell inspiron 15. its works good.
  2. Ha, cool man. There's always gotta be some kind of technical difficulty when you first get something. Does it sound good, though? I bet it does. OH! And tell me about your new computer. Last time I checked, you were still going through hell with the Geek Squad or something.
  3. So the speaker arrived. im having technical difficulties with it running thru toneport. I get no sound wen its in the anolog out. However i do get some sound but its not suppose to be running thru the headphone in. I emaild line 6 bout it and waiting of for a response. I say it does not like my laptop
  4. Im stokd cuz pa speaker a gets delivered today. Hopefully i have it b4 i go to work today. Ya last nite i was bored around 10, did not feel like watching a movie or go online, so i lookd at my guitar and the next thing i know its past midnite and im still playing. I felt like playing Splinter album. On da 28th my offspring collection grows!
  5. Thanx. IM done with school so i have more time to get my projects going. I have 3 drums track ready to go. Ive been done with school for bout 2 weeks and been working a shit load of hrs. This week 46 nxt week same. After next week i be job searching for wat i went to school for and also have a punk rock session.
  6. Yeah, man. I'd definitely go for that PA speaker. Haha, but I might just be saying that because my band badly needs one right now. But yeah, I think the BR10 would work for both recording and live than the HS50M would at both.

    Oh, and you tend to need 2 studio monitors to get the best sound, so that would be 400 buckeroos.
  7. Yamaha BR10 10" 2-Way Speaker Cabinet
    Yamaha HS50M 5" Powered Studio Monitor
  8. Damn. It's not showing up. Can you tell me the names and I'll give 'em a good look? I was thinking about making my own 2x12 speaker cab for a while, but it hasn't happened yet.
  9. this week or nxt week im getting a speaker. Which one do u think i should get? Im more leaning towards br10 cuz live.
  10. Where has all this time has gone to? A few more weeks till 2010. There is stuff i wantd to do by the end of year like record 2 songs and looks like it wont happen till 2010. However wrking on taking care of the future is more important.
    Have you ever strum some chords and the next thing you know the chords you strum turnd into some words? Its like the chords are speaking out
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