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  1. It's okay. lol. A little slow.
    I'll be spending all weekend with Brandy as my mother is out whoring around with some guy in Cedar Falls until Monday.
    Tonight we'll spend the night alone at my place since mom wants me to look after the dog and if I take him to their house, he'll just ruin their carpet like he's ruined ours.
  2. G'day! I'm slow as always noticing my VMs. How's it going today?
  3. haiii
  4. lol. eew. no! i put away the crackers too
  5. lol okay. Pudding and crackers?
  6. I did it again

    i put away the nasty cheese and moved on to pudding. num
  7. Nice, I want some!
  8. idk... but they have like... black sesame seeds in them. fecking nummy
  9. lol that's totally a good reason to schrei. What kind of crackers?
  10. uhm. yes i did.
    because this cheese is gross but these crackers are the best ever!!!!
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