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  1. Oh, really? I didn't notice Sorry for thinking you were talking about her when you mentioned "old toothless" though. I felt like a moron!
  2. not at all. i hate my mother... maybe if i could make skype work :/
  3. Ohh okay. I'm sure you didn't mind that too much. I'm still looking forward to you singing to me!
  4. The plumbers.... mom needed to go to a dr. appt halfway across the state.. so she wont be home all day. she needed a dog/plumber sitter
  5. Sorry, wrong again! Why are you home today anyway?
  6. hahaha! i'm not shexy. no matter what you seem to think :P
  7. Haha. Yeah I'm sure that's not distracting the plumbers at all...
  8. and i'm just chillin' in mah jammies :P
  9. yayz well.. the plumbers showed up
  10. Lamez! But okay. I'll be around pretty much all day.
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