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  1. Ohhhh. Damnz. Paruntz jus dun undastandz. Well, I'm surprised they'd let you online after school hours.
  2. No, i'm hanging out at school cuz i don't want to go home >.< also, at school i'm allowed online -.-
  3. Yeah, that is a pretty bad day. Home must be boring as shit if you're hanging out there. Either that or you've got detention.
  4. bad day... i'm hanging out at school.
  5. Aloha!

  6. Aloha :P
  7. hey =] it's the randman =]
  8. n00000000b!
  9. i posted my reply on MY page... made me look like i was acually a new member =]
  10. I accepted your new one...but msn blocked it automatically, haha. I just noticed, but it's all good now.
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