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  1. I can't send you PM's because your inbox is full.
  2. Why is it pathetic that I came back? I had enough time to think about what I did and fix/change with the help of others and I think I deserve a second chance!
  3. Happy Birthday!
  4. our name is our virtue
  5. Not currently but when i was ten years old i had surgery for it cause acid was eating away at the lining of my stomach and i had the start of an ulcer. it is painful 24/7. it feels like ur stomach is on fire.
  6. Acid Reflux sucks. Take any medication for it?
  7. I mean things like pot, or cocaine. I doo not think caffeine is a drug although I do not drink energy drinks and I rarely eat chocolate because I am trying to lose weight. Also, caffeine is really bad for your stomach and I have Acid Reflux Disease so I shouldn't have alot of caffeine anyway!!!!!!
  8. Everyone does drugs. I'm smoking a cigarette and drinking a highly caffeinated beverage right now. I don't really believe it has any bearing on whether I'm cool or not. I don't know anyone who doesn't use some kind of drug occasionally, legal or otherwise. Even chocolate can arguably be called a drug. But yes, excessive drug use is uncool.
  9. BTW 12296566 are dates, not a #
  10. True!! Emo's are cool in the fact that they don't do drugs though.
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