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  1. heeeey!
    Merry Christmas for you too!
    Going to travel and spend x-mass with my family
    Have a great new year
  2. i'm a medical studenti'm in the last year and after that i'll do the specialisation..
  3. yeah, Im graduating tho, just 6 more months of college and Im done.
    I also work in the bank

  4. it's ok
    are you a student?xD
  5. haha, it is fun to stay late!
    It is only 11 pm here, sorry I delay a lot
  6. oh yeah yes it isi'll go to bed in a while LOL
    what time is it there?
  7. A boy

    What time is it in Greece? Isnt like 2:30 am? LATE
  8. LOL
    i'm 23..r u a boy or a girl?
  9. I was going to say 21, but then i remembered I am 22 lol
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