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  1. yeah
    how old are you?22?
  2. Iīm brazilian
    You are from greece right?
  3. oh i'm finestudying a bit..where are you from?
  4. Sorry! I didnīt see the message before, I had to leave. Was going to a bbq. Was fun! Except that like everypone who got a car was drunk except this girl, who left too early but since she was like the only one sober (who had a car) I decided to go with her instead of getting a ride with some drunk guy lol
    Btw, I donīt drink, but my car decided not to work
    Whatīs up?
  5. hi wazzup?
  6. sure!GO ON BUDDY
  7. Sure.
    Iīm thinking of starting posting again and not just come and read the forums
  8. hey do ya wanna be my friend?
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