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  1. I have no idea: all i know about him is that he shows up a couple times a year, and is usually blabbering about Danko Jones, or something random. I suppose the mods just don't consider him to be that big of a problem.
  2. Alex, can you help me and provide me with info who's NickNineDoors, and why did he earn the status of being untouchable? I've never noticed anything special about him... Thanks in advance.
  3. Alright And you're not the only one, 3/4 of my friends don't have one
  4. Hey man, sorry, I don't have a facebook account, sometimes i think i'm the only one on the planet without one. If i ever get around to creating one, i'll let you know!
  5. Hey man! Do you use Facebook? If yes, may I add you?
  6. Haha, I got drunk too. And now I feel like shit
  7. Hey man, thanks! I got way too drunk last night....

    take it easy.
  8. Happy birthday, man!
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