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  1. Good grief...grad school? Over achiever....

    I ended up getting marooned in North Dakota as I came out here in a Grapes of Wrath style of situation where I was looking for work teaching. I found teaching jobs, but none open for me as they (ND) wanted me to take 12 more credits of classes. I told them what they could do with those classes and then preceded to try and find work. I worked a temp Walmart job, worked a part time job at a photo studio, had my car break down, was in the hospital for kidney stones, and am working a welding job (hands on crap and I have a degree??!! the world is ending!) while attempting to make my way back home. Once I get home (Montana) I'll be opening my own photography business (wedding photojournalism, senior portraits, etc) and subbing for the local school district. ( in case you want to check out some pics)
  2. Hey man, good to hear from you!

    Life is pretty good here in Soviet Cannuckastan: finished my undergrad degree, and i wasn't really sure what i wanted to do with my life, and i worked a couple temp jobs. The best one was for Elections Canada in an administrative position where i helped to organize the voting process in my local riding. And then after that it was pretty much a couple other office-assistant/monkey type positions at local businesses. It was boring stuff, but i had access to a computer, and the internet during work hours, so that made things a little easier.

    Recently decided to hide myself away in an ivory tower, and was accepted into a grad program: and so i've just started my masters for political studies: it's a two year program, so it'll give me a little while to figure out what comes next. I start class this week; being back in a dorm room feels a little weird, but my classes all seem pretty interesting.

    So, what’s new with you?

  3. Oh hey Canada eh?
  4. Oh, and congrats on being able to see the band: they killed it when i saw them play last summer. And i’ll be expecting some great photos!
  5. Hey; the Peace Corps sounds incredibly exciting! I actually looked into possibly joining a little while ago, but it turns out only Americans are allowed in. Eastern Europe would be an incredibly cool place to be; a buddy of mine travelled through there last year and had such an amazing experience. Plus, meeting up with some bbs’ers would be pretty rad.

    Europe was a lot of fun and a good way to blow off some steam after my last semester. Almost got dragged into a bar fight in Barcelona, not to mention getting swarmed by prostitutes from time to time. Went to a beach there which also turned out to be “clothing optional”. Drunkenly stumbled into a “live sex show” in Amsterdam..... which was incredibly awkward/surreal beyond belief. To be honest, the best part of the trip was checking out all these historical sites that i had only read about in history class; like Versailles was exactly as i had pictured it.
  6. Yeah it has been too long! Well life throws you lemons every once and a while...I have yet to find a job teaching so I am in Fargo, North Dakota working at Walmart (oh yay) and have made the decision that I am going to join the Peace Corps for two years in order to see different parts of the world. Right now I am leaning towards Europe (Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Moldova, and Macedonia) mainly because I would like to meet some of the friends I have met on here and also because of the historical aspects. I see you were in Europe...what was that about and what did you think about it?

    In other news I am going to see The Offspring in St. Paul on the 5th of July and will be taking my DSLR (Canon 7D) camera with. I am excited beyond words.
  7. It's been far too long: how's life?
  8. Thank you sir.
  9. Hey, glad you like it!

    I do as well; this is definitely their most "upbeat" album, at the moment i'm really digging Hell (which is so, very very catchy) On Directing, and Someday.
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