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  1. Well...I am impressed. I am a fan. The only reason why I checked them out was because on Mark Hoppus' blog he had their song Hell from when they played Conan. I might have fallen in love with that song. Sainthood is pretty solid as a whole in my opinion. What do you think?
  2. Here you go,

    It's my first time using that site, so if it doesn't work, i'll re-upload it.
  3. Hey! Any chance you could upload Tegan & Sara Sainthood for me? Please please please Pretty please??? With a cherry on top?
  4. Brilliant; i love harkavagrant so much.
  5. Haha, oh man, that's good.

    So besides that, how's life? Have you managed to teach those kids how to write a semi-coherent essay yet?
  6. I thought you would enjoy this. Yesterday in class my mentor teacher asked as student what a "legitimate heir" was. The student answered, "One who isn't deformed?"
  7. Hey man! I have yet to read "Lies My Teacher Told Me", but it looks like an interesting read! I'll have to check it out after i've finished with my current "to read" list; at the moment i'm working my way through a couple Michael Ignatieff books, then i've got the new Kevin Smith one, and "Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in Power" by Robert Dallek to get through! The Blink show should be fun, i'm probably not seeing them on this time, but i saw their s/t tour, and I had a blast; i've also heard they're playing a new song live....

    At the moment i'm busy with work, got a large collection of cap-badges that i need to sort, inventory, and then display. I've also got an essay to write for my summer course about cold war american society, which i should be finishing instead of procrastinating on the bbs....

    Take it easy, and good luck on the Praxis II test!
  8. My summer is really enjoyable! I have read my way through 'Lies My Teacher Told Me' and am working on reading an American History textbook. Today I am helping with a Summerfest get together that the college is putting on for the community. We have inflatable games and such, carnival type food, and a lot of fun! I just bought a new camera and am working on getting all the kinks worked out before the blink-182 concert. And am getting ready for the Praxis II test which will get me licensed in the state of Montana. How is your summer going?
  9. Oh man, that is totally hilarious; i would almost feel like bumping that old turk thread, but i'm pretty sure all the crazies have been banned.

    What's up with you at the moment, enjoying your summer?
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