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  1. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I had to edit another person's giant paper and I want to shoot them! They are a senior in college and they write like a 5th grader! I've never seen anything like it! Here is a taste: "I recently went to the local library and looking around in their WWII section."
    1. Sentence fragment. 2. Spell out World War II. 3. PAST TENSE! No looking! You looked! 4. FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST, NOT FIRST PERSON!!!!

    </end rant>
  2. So you were talking about your amazing procrastination skills? Listen to me one up you...The paper due date was moved to today (Monday). I just worked on my 20 page paper all Sunday afternoon and got it done right now, 4am Monday morning my time. It's due in 7 hours. Sure the conclusion is lacking, but screw it it's a first draft. Hail to me.
  3. Don’t even get me started on procrastination… I’ve got 5 papers due within the next 4 weeks, yesterday I calculated it was well over 13 000 words, so there goes my social life for the rest of the term. On the plus side my marks have been pretty solid. I should have spent the entire day at the library yesterday, but spent it watching the election instead, oh well.
  4. So I must say that my paper is going alright. I've stumbled upon something I didn't expect: The small town rooted in sticking its nose up to the law is actually the law abiding town this time around! That or no one ever reported a theft! So it's going alright. I have a first 20 page draft due Friday and I have (gasp) 2 pages written. Me and my procrastination! School is really heating up and I'm trying to keep afloat. How have you been kind sir?

  5. So how's class? Been swamped by work yet?
  6. Although i'm usually quite useless at these things, i think this should work if it doesn't/ and you can't get it anywhere else let me know.
  7. You have the new album? Would you mind sending it to me?

    One of my profs today asked a question that had an obscure answer that only I would know because I've read his book. The rest of class sat there dumbly answer normal answers until I blew his mind with the obscure one he was looking for. I think he had to clean his brain off the whiteboard that was behind him.
  8. Solid move, I love that movie. And I actually didn’t know it was out on dvd, so cheers for the update, I’ve got to head down town to buy it tomorrow.

    I found out today, that a prof of mine, in one of my larger classes actually knows my name, and I really like the new Rise Against album, thus I too am happy.
  9. I just bought Iron Man. I am happy. Thought you should know.
  10. The concert was really cool, I got have a beer with the headlining bandís guitarist before their set. The band played great too. The bar however, was sketchy as hell, and a fight (ie glasses getting smashed on peoples heads) started right beside me, but, that didnít stop the band, I just kind of backed away slowly to the other side of the bar. All in all, a good night.

    Its cool that your floor is social; mine (when I was in res) basically stuck to our wing of the building. People in the other floors thought we were snobs or something. And that methodology class sounds really interesting. I have an option for my Canadian foreign policy course of writing a 6000 word paper, or two 3000 word papers on a topic of my choice. I havenít decided which root Iím going to take, but Iím going to either write it on the Suez Crisis, War with Serbia, or the panhandle Alaskan boundary dispute.
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