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  1. Oh it's going well. My classes have an insane amount of reading. My methodology class is pretty awesome. We look at scenarios in history and debate. Today we debated over the what was fact in the Kent State and Boston "Massacres." My capstone 25 page paper for that class is about how rationing in WWII effected the cities of Billings and Miles City, Montana. I'm already finding out that tires were a big deal. Being a 3rd year RA is pretty fun. My floor hangs out with each other almost constantly and also hangs out with people from the other building. life is hectic as all hell! But fun! How was the concert, if you got in?
  2. Hey man, What’s up with me? Nothing too crazy, I’ve been adjusting back into the student life/ living away from home. Although, Kingston is starting to feel more like “home” then where I’m from originally, Oshawa Ontario. I love all my classes, and my profs for that matter; i’m taking five courses this term, and I’ve had 4/5 proffs before. I’m really trying hard to up my GPA this year, since I’m seriously considering either law school or graduate studies after my bachelors, so I’m starting to go out less, and spend more nights at the library. The amount of reading I’ve had has also increased this year, but my goal is not to let it fall too far behind. I’ve spent far too much on text books, but not as much of some of my friends (a buddy of mine has dropped about $700 on this term alone!), so I guess I should be grateful.

    Tomorrow night The Real Mckenzies (a great Scottish-Canadian Celtic punk band) are playing a local bar, it’s a sketchy place but the band is great live, so I may try and grab a ticket. Also, I think I’m going to try and volunteer for the Liberal Party during this election, so I’ve got to head down to my MP’s office, to get my name on some list.

    What’s new with you? Hows class? How’s being an RA this year?
  3. Hey dude! How's it going!
  4. Actually this is my 3rd and final year of being a RA. I educate residents on Residence Hall policies and act as a mentor and leader for them. It's a pretty pimp job...I get free room and board while having to basically hang out with my friends and figure out things for us to do. I also have to do rounds in the building on one night a week and work the front desk on occasion where I just read my history books. I like it.
  5. Well, my job has finished, but I’ve been pretty busy getting my stuff together for when I move back to Kingston, where I go to school. So that’s been occupying my time as of late. I’m moving into a different house from the one I was in last year, so I’ve got to pack all my stuff together. Mostly though, I’ve been sitting around watching the democratic convention. What’s new with you? Have your classes started, mine don’t until second week of September, but it think the American school year is somewhat different.

    This your first year as a Resident Assistant? That a desk job, or something similar to what I had, a Don (an upper year student who lives with the younger students)?
  6. Dude, don't worry about it! I've been busy as all hell with Resident Assistant training the past two weeks! How's life going for you?
  7. Dammnit, I knew I forgot to upload disco before the breakdown ep, kind of drunk nowww, but will do that shit toommorow, sorry man.
  8. Yeah! It is like the Turkey thing! I have the Acoustic EP! I like it!
  9. Haha, yeah this is getting pretty pathetic, almost like that Turkey thing I was mentioned a little while ago. Itís what unbridled blind nationalism will do to a nationís youth, which is sad. I'm really lol'ing at the guy who keeps brining up 9/11 and Iraq. Oh and fyi, the disco ep, et al, were a couple things AM! put out early in their career, Iíll upload the Disco and Acoustic ep for you as well, should you want them.
  10. Holy crap I'm starting to hate the Russians on this board.
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