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  1. Ahaa. Saw it yesterday, was thinking about letting you know .
    The video is gorgeous. The studio version of the song is quite different from what I saw in earlier live vids which I'm super cool with because both versions are equally enjoyable.
    You can't go wrong with... FTHC!!!
  2. In case you haven't seen it yet: official video for I Still Believe
  3. That's just a win-win ticket, man. No matter what songs will be played, everything Frank performs is totally worth it. But I think you'll get to hear some new stuff. Not to mention Social D.
  4. Hey, cheers for the gift! I had heard he’d been playing new stuff lately, but hadn’t heard anything yet until now: and i totally loved it. I’m actually seeing him this October with social distortion: hoping to hears some other new stuff then.
  5. Uh, time flies fast for sure. Happy Birthday, mate! Here's the present from mister F. Really hoping you haven't heard it before!
  6. Man, there are way too many awesome songs on here for me to pick a favorite; Try This At Home, the title track, Our Lady Of The Campfire, Sons of Liberty, the Road... definitely the front runner for my favorite album of the year. Thanks again for sharing!
  7. Hah, glad you liked it! I have to say that 'Try This At Home', 'Sons of Liberty' and 'Richard Divine' quickly got into my top FT songs, oh, mentioning 'The Road' isn't really necessary.
    Well, now that I got your feedback, I'm going to share the present with others, but never forget that you were the exclusive first! ;]
  8. Best. Present. Ever.

    Seriously though, i really appreciate this, you made my day! I was a bit too wasted yesterday to appreciate it then, though!
  9. Hey dude, happy birthday! And here's my humble present.
    I hope you will enjoy both!
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