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  1. DUDE! Did ya see my new thread... its fuckin awesome it is in GOD but i dont wanna go thru all of it again so check it out there plz.... it is amazing!
  2. Hey Alex... I am very tired and I am about to crash any second!
  3. but which are you? you need to change ur avatar. for some reason when i see someones avatar that is how i picture them and i do not like that show
  4. upon a quick search, i think one of my pictures is on this page
  5. oh yeah we have had this discusion before. can you give me a link to the photobucket tread. i have not yet figured out how to search
  6. 1) I'm 21
    2) I don't think the computer i'm using at the moment has any pictures of me on it, so sorry. I have posted one or two in the photobucket thread though, if you're really curious i guess you could try and find them.
    3)My name is Alex.
  7. 3 things
    how old r u
    what do u look like(send pic if you dont mind)
    what is ur name
    i guess i just figured you were an adult but r u my age or older
  8. What dff_punk said.

    He's also a troll and all around scallywag.
  9. whats an HAU?
  10. Your Welcome!
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