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  1. Thanks for the wishes
  2. Happy Birthday
  3. 1) Click on the "User CP" tab, near the top left of your screen
    2) Click on the "Edit Your Details" tab
  4. How do you give yourself a title. I got 500 posts but I still can't get a title
  5. Nothing much. Thanks for asking.
  6. hey wut goes on ppls
  7. I'm fine. Thank's for asking.
  8. How are things going(a chic told me I disrespected Dexter in the "History behind GONE AWAY" thread. Seriously. I tried to get people to stop. Can you believe it?)
  9. 1) I'm 20, almost 21
    2) I'm a guy
    3) My name is Alex
  10. 4 things
    1:how old r u
    2:r u a dude or chic
    3:wut is ur name
    4:finally someone agrees with me
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