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  1. no problem at all
  2. Hey man, thanks a lot: i'll be downloading them tonight!
  3. here is their kroq weenie roast set i will upload lollapalooza tomorrow
  4. Yeah, i'd appreciate if you did that!

    Thank's man.
  5. sure i will do that i also recorded against me from the lollapalooza and kroq weenie roast webcast i can also upload those if you want?
  6. hey, thanks for letting me know.

    Um, took a quick glance at the sets: would you mind recording Against Me's set?

  7. hi the kroq epicenter webcast is this weekend i was wondering if there are any band's you would like me to record for you? here is the lineup and set times
  8. that's good are you going to be able to catch the offspring this year?
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