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  1. Hey. Sounds like you're keeping pretty busy, so that's cool. And the real world...pffft! amirite? :P So what do you plan on doing with your degree? I'm finally going to be headed back to uni in January, and I'm intent on taking a few Political Science-related classes, though I'll be majoring in Computer Science.

    Looks like we saw parts of the same tour. I saw NoFX/Old Man Markley (even got made fun of by Fat Mike), but instead of Teenage Bottlerocket, we got Bouncing Souls and my new top three favorite band Cobra Skulls. Really badass show.

    The music career is going VEEERY slowly. My town is like a wasteland for musical talent, but at least I have a full band now. Speaking of NoFX, they're supposed to be coming here in November, and we'll try our damnest to open for them. Super excited for that. Thanks for checking out the music, btw! Glad you liked it.
  2. Hey man!

    To be honest, nothing terribly exciting: recently decided to put off the “real world” for a couple more years so i’m going back to uni in the fall for my masters in political studies. The summer has been fairly low-key: just working a temp office job, and catching a couple bands live here and there: saw Nofx/Old Man Malarkey/Teenage Bottlerocket, as well as Frank Turner in the last little while and both shows were pretty darn fun.

    What’s new with you? How’s the music career? I was checking out some stuff on your soundcloud page: Over There, Covenant and One Way Out particularly caught my attention.
  3. I'd be embarrassed to reply in that thread, so I'll do it here: thanks!

    Btw, what have you been up to Alex?
  4. Thanks man!
  5. Hey, Alex. Happy Birthday!
  6. Eh, my summer has been somewhat uneventful, but not really boring. I have a great job, i work in a local museum, and got to see the Offspring. I am looking forwards to heading back to school in September though.
  7. Ha, I definitely understand. I'm getting the same way, but I'm not particularly clever, so I just curse in real life, haha.

    Ehh, I'm semi-enjoying my summer. There's nothing really going on right now, but I can't complain. I have reason to believe that Fall and Winter of this year will be beyond awesome, though! How about you?
  8. Oh dude,i usually try and stay out of stuff like that, but i've been developing a very low tolerance for stupidity here; i did kind of lol at a few of those comments though, "jacknife can be mean sometimes", ect.

    So what's new with you? Enjoying your summer?
  9. Hahaha, how did you get the reputation for being an asshole so fast. You've been called out three times in three days, man.
  10. Wow, I thought I vaguely remembered your name, but I was way off. And yep, I'm Randy.

    Sooo, seeing them in July, eh? Is this the same show that Shank and a bunch of others are going to? Toronto, I think? Have a great time, and if you are a naturally laid-back person...don't expect to be that way at the show. Haha, I still can't believe how crazy I went. Can't wait to see them yet again, also in July.
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