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  1. Haha, funny enough, just after I posted that, I had to think about whether I had told you my name, but I’m 99% sure that I haven’t. It’s Alex.

    Glad you seemed to have a fun time at your show; I’m seeing the band in July, and I’m super excited. Nothing terribly exciting is happening with me at the moment; I don’t start my summer job until June, but I’m taking a Summer Course, so I’m kind of busy with that.

    And, just to be clear, your name is Randy, right? Since people seem to refer to you as that.
  2. Hey, thanks a lot! That's really awesome that you put it on your mp3 player. Would admitting that it's also on mine make me self-centered? Heh. Anyway, I'm still totally surprised when people like my voice. Nothing much is new with me, other than still coming down from the Offspring concert the other day. How's about you? And...I'm hoping you never told me your name, because I totally don't remember it. Care to enlighten me?
  3. Hey man! Just wanted to say that you did a freaking amazing job with the Rock Bottom cover; I actually put it on my mp3 player! Also, what’s up?
  4. That’s awesome about almost getting the record deal, hope everything goes through, and keep me updated!

    Things are pretty hectic with me. My entire month is going to be spent in the library writing essays. I am however looking forward to St Paddy’s day, where I fully intend to drink green beer until I pass out
  5. Haha, oh and thanks for asking. I'm fine. I'm literally *this* close to being the new signee of a pretty cool record label. What's new with you?
  6. Incredibly lame, indeed. The Family Guy things isn't even what bothers me the most. They're replacing KOTH with...The Cleveland Show, which sounds like a Family Guy spinoff. Before too long, they'll have to change Fox's name to "Seth MacFarlane".
  7. Indeed I have heard, and it’s incredibly lame; they’re keeping family guy over it as well, which is what really annoys me. So what’s up with you? Glad to know there are other Hank Hill fans on the bbs!
  8. Heh, I don't know if you're a fan of King of the Hill or just what you have as your avatar (hilarious episode, btw), but did you hear it's being canceled?
  9. Haha, thanks for asking. Life is going well. Incredibly slow and boring, but well. Better than incredibly fast, I'd assume. How about you?
  10. So how's life? Aside, from of course upping the punx.
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