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  1. Haha.
    A few days ago at school, me and a friend were walking back from a gas station after we went and got slurpees, and I found a stuffed Koala in a bus stop. When we were almost back to school, I saw a friend, and we used his lighter to burn the fur. then when we got to school we threw it at someone, then put it in a tree.

    And burning ping pong balls is the most amazing thing ever. they act like gasoline.
    Also are you alowed of campus at lunch?
  2. Watching some vids on YouTube make me wish I had lit mine on fire.
  3. I never actually had one.
  4. Sure, Furbys pwned when they weren't up all night...
  5. Omfg Furbies pwned.
    I had Sockem Boppers lol.
  6. Once, I had a Furby. 0_0
  7. I threw out all my Beyblades recently. I used to have this satanic one. Every time I would spin it, it would hop the wall of the stadium and go under this table in my room (my room is carpeted, making it even more satanic cause it could even move). I wanted to see if it was all coincidence, so I spun it onthe other end of my room and it still went over there. then the next day it was jumping the wall and hitting this empty Mountain Dew can.
  8. I never was into Beyblades. I was always just into Pokemon and Digimon, then I started drawing dragons, then I started to write.
    And you can see why I consider myself boring.
  9. Lol dragons pwn lol.

    Remember Beyblades? I totally just remembered them.
  10. Still amazing. Like I said, all I can do is draw.
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