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  1. You're amazing. When I was 14, all I could do was draw dragons.
  2. Plus, the "Want it you got it..." part in ALLM totally makes the song methinks. I did a vocal for that part too, and the "you look a lot like me... woah" part, I did backing vox since there weren't any, but Karin (vocals) isn't online right now. I guess we won't hear it with me in it till tomorrow.
  3. Yeah, I'd have to say so too.
    I tottaly missed like an entire bridge in ALLM. I'm gonna go and add it in tomorrow.
  4. Damn, right after I posted in the covers thread...forgot to say Kristy's my favorite, probably.
  5. Hmm... Apparently, I'm actually a month younger than Smash.

    So what did you think of the covers? My favorties are Fix You, ALLM, and Kristy.
  6. I'm only older than Ignition by a month, I think.
  7. Haha, ur old than Ignition.

    I r only older than Smash.
  8. Tomorrow is going to suck...
    I mean, FUCK I'm going to be 16.
  9. Lol .
  10. I like the description.
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